Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review : At Odds with the Midwife

At Odds with the Midwife by Patricia Forsythe

Genre: Contemporary, Heartwarming, Romance,
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Pages: 368
Published November 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming
From high school crush to enemy number one 

Gemma has always been a rescuer. Birds with broken wings, abandoned baby raccoons...anything that needs help. But when it comes to her lifelong crush, doctor Nathan Smith, she has to curb her natural instincts. All of them. Nathan doesn't trust midwives, and he doesn't want her help.

Back in town to restore the community hospital his father bankrupted, Nathan's just as determined to shut down the birthing center. How can Gemma Whitmire save her center and prove Nathan--and the other critics--wrong? And more important, how can she stop falling for him?

Gemma is the type of person who was always trying to fix things, whether its people or animals. Now that Nathan is back in town after the ordeal with his father bankrupting the community hospital people don't exactly trust him. Nathan is back to fix what his father caused and reopening the hospital. When he finds out that one of the locals Gemma is opening a birthing center he is less then thrilled and wants it shut down.

I really loved this book, it was sweet and heartwarming. I loved that there was multiple point of views, I mostly just like when its just the two main characters, but there was the point of view from many of the side characters and I feel like it really added a bit more to the story.I loved getting to know Nate's point of view of what was going on his side and seeing what happened in depth about his life and how he dealt with loss. I loved Gemma's character she was a sweetheart and selfless. She truly cares about others without thinking about personal gain. I also loved Yvette's side story, I loved seeing at bit into her life, and seeing her gain strength and courage to stand up for herself.

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