Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review : The Texas Rancher Match

The Rancher's Texas Match by Brenda Minton

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Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Western
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Expected publication: October 1st 2016 by Love Inspired
A Rancher's Mission 

As a volunteer at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, Tanner Barstow helps the troubled young residents turn their lives around. When a local rancher dies and leaves his large property to the boys ranch, Tanner finds himself spending a lot of time with Macy Swanson, whose orphaned nephew, Colby, lives at the ranch. Tanner's attracted to the newcomer, but she doesn't fit his plans. Macy longs to have Colby come home with her, but the former city girl worries she won't be the mother he deserves. Can Tanner help her see that the future she and Colby need is right here—with him?

After the death of her brother and his wife, Macy is left to the care of their only son Colby.Colby got some issues to work though and until then he'll stay at the ranch Tanner volunteers at. Macy is young and conflicted and not sure if she'll be a good parent but will try. Meanwhile on Tanners sides of things the ranch he works at seems to have issues on their own with the town placing blame on the troubled youth that seem to go to there.

I thought that this was a very heartwarming book, its about love loss and trying to pick up the pieces with the life effected by death. I loved that Macy is a strong women who has had plenty of things going wrong with her life. She had her own life, a fiance, she didn't need to leave all that for her nephew but she was caring and loving enough to do so. She's questioning if parenting is whats right she doesn't have much experience and is afraid of ruing things. I loved that Tanner was there to help her in this time of need, being shoulder to learn on to helping care for her nephew at the ranch. To also help prove to Macy that she can do this. Overall I enjoyed this book it was sweet and I enjoyed it.

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