Friday, October 14, 2016

Review : The Cowboy and the Baby

The Cowboy and the Baby by Marie Ferrarella

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin, Western
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Published October 4th 2016 by Harlequin

When the father of her baby bails, Devon Bennett finds herself in a difficult position. As in "giving birth in a truck on the side of a road" difficult. Devon's never felt more alone, until a hunky cowboy rides in to save the day.

Deputy Cody McCullough can't shake the feeling that Devon and her baby still need him, and not just because they're staying at his ranch. It's obvious that the single mom's heart has been broken before and trusting this cowboy lawman doesn't come easily. But Cody will do whatever it takes to make Devon feel safe again…and to see that her heart finally has a home.

Devon managed to find herself alone and giving birth in the back of her truck after her sleazy now ex took everything and ran. Thankfully Deputy Cody managed to be on that road and spot her. Their meeting wasn't ideal but he and the town are willing to help her through everything that comes her way.

I truly loved the sense of community in this book. When things needed to get done everyone seems to pull their weight and help those in need. Devon was confused and felt like the was imposing on their hospitality and it seems that that town just made things better. I loved watching the generosity. I also loved seeing that connecting form between Devon and Cody. I also loved that ending. This was a sweet heartwarming book and I really loved it.

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