Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review : A Child Under His Tree by Allison Leigh

A Child Under His Tree by Allison Leigh

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Holiday, Harlequin
Goodreads: Click
Pages: 224
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Expected publication: November 1st 2016 by Harlequin Special Edition
'Tis the season for second chances and secrets! 
Forget the mistletoe maneuvers. Kelly Rasmussen isn't planning on having that reunion kiss with Dr. Caleb Buchanan any time soon. Things had long ago gone south for these former high school sweethearts. Except for that one night six years ago—which resulted in an explosive secret Kelly's kept till this very day. 
Now career and family have brought them both back to Weaver, Wyoming. Their unavoidable clashes—and instant chemistry—make them realize this town isn't big enough for the two of them. Or three of them—counting Kelly's son. Because there's something about that little boy. For one thing, he has Caleb's eyes.
Its the holiday book which is pretty much what drawn me to this book. For some reason while reading this book I just wasn't into it. I didn't like Dr.Caleb much because he was pretty pushy when it came to Kelly. I didn't like that he kept trying to rush things especially when he thought that she would jet, yea she should jet just with the ways pushing things way to fast. I thought that this book was nice, not great. It's pretty generic, I mean there are a bit of tweeks with some differences between this and many others with the same storyline but not enough to make me want to read this book again or recommend it to others. Also with a title and over that screams holiday I wished that there was more holiday themes events that were going on or that they could do. I remember one event but I was under the impression it was a halloween sorta event thing, maybe I understood it wrong. Overall this was an ok book but I wish that there was more to make it stand out.

I would rate it 2 stars.

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