Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review : The Reluctant Rancher

The Reluctant Rancher by Leigh Riker

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Heartwarming,
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Pages: 368
She can't stay for long 

She just needs a place to hide. Now. Pregnant and on the run, Blossom Kennedy jumps at the opportunity to work as a caregiver to an injured, elderly rancher. While she tends to the man, his handsome grandson takes over at the Circle H. Logan Hunter is tough, loyal and a wonderful father to his young son. But Blossom needs a port in a storm more than she needs love, and soon enough she'll be moving on. Unless she's somehow stumbled into the exact place she and her unborn child are supposed to Logan's side.

Blossom is pregnant and on the run. In order to keep running she takes a job that's temporary and goes back on the run. Right now shes caregiver to Sam who is a olderman, ranching is his life and he's eager to go back to it. Meanwhile in son who stopped working to be there for his father Logan is less then thrilled Blossom. He's got more then enough problems without her attractiveness getting in the way.

I thought this was a pretty good book. A bit too long for my liking, dragged on at some moments but it was still pretty good. I thought it was interesting getting to to see Logan and his son relationship. I enjoyed getting to see Blossom work some magic and help improve the relationship that was between multiple characters. When it came to Blossoms side on why she was running, I wished that there was more there was more when it came to her ex and the reason she was running. That when it finally got to it I was like that's it? I guess I'm used to my action packed books. I guess its nice to slow down with a sweet book like this.Overall this was a good book and I enjoyed it.

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