Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review : Kentucky Confidential

Kentucky Confidential by Paula Grave

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Intrigue, Suspense,
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Pages: 224
Published September 20th 2016 by Harlequin
The return of the wife he thought was lost and a baby he never knew existed will make this a Christmas to remember… 

Captain Connor McGinnis has seen a ghost. Staring at a surveillance photo of a Kaziri immigrant, there can be no mistaking that the starkly beautiful—and visibly pregnant—woman in a head scarf is his wife, Risa. The woman he presumed was dead after her plane crashed into the ocean. 

Risa McGinnis, relocated by the CIA when they learned of a price on her head, has settled into the guise of a widowed immigrant. Confronting Connor again resurrects sweet memories and a burning passion. But until this unknown enemy is captured, Risa must focus more on Connor's protection than on their attraction. After all, the strength of her marriage—and the safety of her baby—depends on it

Captain was given the surprise of his life when he finds out that his late wife is not only not dead but undercover, pregnant with his baby. Risa is on the run from some people who are trying to kill her. Thing is she isn't even sure why there is a hit on her head but she'll soon find out.

Overall this was a really good good. Suspenseful wondering when someone would strike next, wondering who was after her and why these things were happening to her. If that isn't bad enough shes pregnant and having to deal with all this stress. at least it was lessened when her husband comes around and is there for her and on the run with her as well to make sure she keeps safe. I loved watching the spark ignite between the two. I loved that there was multiple point of views in the book which made it more complex and intriguing. Overall it was a really good book and I enjoyed it. It also got me in the mood for holiday movies and music, if only it was closer to that time of the year!

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