Monday, September 5, 2016

Review : The Bull Rider's Homecoming

The Bull Rider's Homecoming by Jeannie Watt

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Western Romance, 
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Pages: 224
Expected publication: September 6th 2016 by Harlequin
Is this his home?

Single mom Annie Owen is so busy raising her twin girls, there's no time to focus on the "single" part…until rugged Trace Delaney temporarily moves nearby. Annie's interest in Trace is more than neighborly, but she can't risk losing her heart to a bull rider on the move. 

Trace is a rolling stone. Or so he thought. Settling down suddenly seems a lot more appealing if it's with smart, gorgeous Annie and her girls. But they deserve someone they can count on. Is Trace ready to be that man, or will he run from the only place, and the only woman, that ever felt like home?

Annie got a set of twin girls and don't got time for a man. Shes handling things fine and well without one. Unfortunately her brother doesn't think so when he sends over a friend who is recover from a bull riding accident, to check up on her. Annie is convinced she doesn't need his help but there are times his company and help comes into play and they can't help but fall in love. Problem is hes a recovering bullrider and soon hell have to go.

I enjoyed this book it was a heartwarming sweet book. I loved how strong willed and independant Annie was. When things needed to get done she got it done even if it got her hands dirty. There were plenty of things that she needed to work on and didn't ask for help even if she was offered a helping hand. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Annie her girls and Trace. I enjoyed getting Traces background to understand a bit of his life choices. Overall a really good book I really enjoyed it.

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