Monday, August 8, 2016

Review : Texas Rebels : Phoenix

Texas Rebels : Phoenix by Linda Warren

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Western, Harlequin
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Pages: 224
Expected Publication: August 9th 2016 by Harlequin
The cowboy's last ride  

Once he gets over the shock of finding out he's a father, Phoenix Rebel is ready to do right by his toddler son. The gorgeous barrel racer he runs into on the circuit could add a much-needed woman's touch. There's just one problem. She's a McCray—a Rebel's worst enemy.  

Rosemary could gaze into Phoenix's warm brown eyes forever. And helping the sexy bull rider and his adorable two-year-old has ignited a fierce yearning in Rosie. Somehow she and Phoenix have to find a way to create their own family—even if it means leaving everyone else they love behind…

Phoenix is a bull rider and has a pretty wild life. He is willing to drop that for the son he never new he had. Until the mother can make an appearance, his son will stay in his life. But with his job he'll need help and Rosemary is a reluctant to help due to her past. Thier families differences dosen't help either with the fued going on it will make things downright complicated but the more time spent the deeper they fall for one another.

So this is your basic wild cowboy with an unknown child looking for help. Its the other small details that made this book unique and interesting. I mean this is the type of book that I'm usually drawn to. I thought that the families history and how it collided in the present. I thought it was interesting how many of the problems were solved. The one thing I didn't like much though was the instalove, I wanna marry you bit. I mean it wasn't much insta love but I thought with their history they wouldn't fall so fast. I mean even to mention marriage was a bit too quick. I wish there was a bit more conflict, but then again I'm used to jam packed books with loads of drama so I guess this was a good amount of content going on. I enjoyed the the characters and the storyline. Overall this book was a really fun read.

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