Friday, August 5, 2016

Review : Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lie by Shirlee McCoy

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Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, 
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Expected publication: August 9th 2016 by Love Inspired
Expecting—and in danger

Attacked in her classroom, widowed teacher Ariel Martin's only thought is for her unborn child. When her student's brother, rookie K-9 officer Tristan McKeller, and his faithful dog save her life, she can't thank him enough. She knows Tristan won't rest until she's safe, but she doesn't want him or his police colleagues digging into her dangerous past. After all, the only person who would want to hurt her is dead…or is he? With her and her child's life on the line, she'll have to trust Tristan with her secrets if she wants to finally get the fresh start she's been desperately seeking.

Ariel is pretty much starting over in a new town after the fact that she just went though a divorce, to a man who died not long after. Concerned with one of her troubled students she tries to work something out with the girls older brother. Little did they expect for shots to be fired and her life to be in constant danger. If that wasn't bad enough shes pregnant and seems to have a hitman coming for her. Luckily that troubled students brother works as a rookie K-9 Officer who will lend help to this lovely women.

Overall this was a pretty good book. I loved that there was plenty of drama, and that the suspense of never knowing when the assassin might strike next kept me interested. I loved that heat brewing between Tristan and Ariel. I loved how caring Ariel was, she didn't have to go out of her way to help Triantans younger sister. She did what she could and showed that she really cared and it made all the difference in the girls life. I loved how caring Tristan was towards his sister, its tough dealing with work and his troubled younger sister and he was doing the best that he could. One thing I do wish that I had done before reading this book was to read the previous ones as well. Because there was a second case that was going on I got a bit confused and realized that it was apart of the series and I managed to somehow jump in the middle of it. It was still good though, made me want to checkout what happened in the previous books.

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