Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review : Dark Whispers

Dark Whispers by Debra Webb

Genre : Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue, Romance,Harlequin 
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Pages: 256
Expected publication: September 1st 2016 by Harlequin Intrigue
A chilling new spin-off series from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb sure to keep you up all night…

Former homicide detective Clint Hayes has his first client as a private investigator: a fragile beauty he isn't sure he can trust. An injury has left Natalie Drummond with gaps in her memory, and she sees and hears things that aren't there. But she's sure she shot an intruder in her Birmingham mansion. So where's the body, the gun, the evidence? When it's clear someone is trying to kill his vulnerable client, Clint appoints himself her protector, working overtime not to fall for her. But someone is dead set that Natalie never regains her memories—or makes new ones with Clint.
After a accident Natalie can't trust her own self. With voices and patchy memories shes not able to be seen seriously. Especially after she shot an intruder and all evidence was missing. With the help of Clint they work on finding out what really happened and after a couple of mishaps they are wondering what really is going on.

I loved that the main character Natalie wasn't a reliable character. Because in reality all the odd stuff could be her fault, someone could be really be after her or maybe its all in her head. I enjoyed seeing each reveal what really was happening and how Clint was able to help Natalie solve whats going on. Its was suspenseful and I kept wondering when something weird would happen next. Overall a great story I really enjoyed it.

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