Sunday, April 24, 2016

Review: Justice for Jessica

Justice for Jessica by Alretha Thomas

Genre: Mystery, Contemporary, Adult
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Pages: 328
Published March 31st 2016 by Diverse Arts Collective
Mousey, overweight Stacey Sullivan would love to trade places with her glamorous socialite BFF, Jessica James—that’s until she discovers Jessica murdered in her own home. Whip-smart detective Rachel Storme is ready to exchange her gun and badge for a gardener’s hat and hoe. But she reluctantly puts her plans on hold when she’s asked to help solve Jessica’s murder. These two strangers from different generations—Stacey a millennial and Rachel a baby boomer—become unlikely friends in their pursuit of JUSTICE FOR JESSICA. But their friendship is put to the test when Stacey insists that her husband, Matt, is innocent in spite of evidence that speaks to the contrary. Rachel, baffled by Stacey’s blind loyalty to Matt, doggedly fights to take Matt down, but with Stacey’s help, he eludes her at every turn. Is Matt the killer or could Grant, Jessica’s husband, be the culprit? Perhaps it was her jealous sister, Georgette or the maid, Rosa? No matter who the killer is, Rachel, by any means necessary, is determined to find her man or woman.

With how great this book turned out I'm surprised that I didn't read this sooner. If you loved a good mystery book that'll keep you on your toes then your not going to want to miss this one. I loved that there was enough mystery and suspects to keep me second guessing. I mean I just couldn't make up my mind on who I thought it would be. 

Throughout the book I thought that the killer was Matt or Jessica's sister. I thought it was Matt cause maybe he knew that Jessica left Stacy that wad of cash and he was relapsing and maybe he owed a bit of money that maybe after Stacy got that money he would finish her off too leaving the money to him. Then there was her sister she was beyond crazy dramatic. I thought that maybe she had killed her sister after finding out about the money so that she and her mother would get it and that she was trying to just pin the blame on Stacy. 

In case your wondering the book has a dual point of view of Storm the cop thats on the case and Stacy best friend of Jessica. I thought it was interesting getting to know Stacy's side of the story, knowing more about her part in everying. It was interesting getting to know more on Storms background and how she was able to get through and help solve the case.

Overall this was a great book. It was written well, fast paced, enough mystery to keep the readers guessing. I loved and and if your a mystery lover then you'll want to get your hands on this book!

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