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Review : Between Us

Between Us by Ella Fox is NOW LIVE!

His lifestyle. His rules.
Is she willing to risk her heart to play his game?
Guitarist Cole Hayes learned early that falling in love is the easiest way to lose. Determined never to go down that road, he sealed his heart off, numbing himself with erotic and sensual pleasures--with men and women alike. The rules were simple: group sex only and never one-on-one.
It’s all so simple until he meets Devon Bannister, the beautiful director shooting the documentary on his band. Suddenly, she's all he can think about. Neither can deny the attraction and desire between them.
Although Devon is open to exploring Cole's lifestyle, for the first time in his life, he finds himself reluctant to share.
How can he own all of her, if he's only willing to give half of himself?

Cole the guitarist of the band, isn't shy about his sexuality and loves to shares his time with either men or women. The only catch is that there has to be two. He has set his eyes on both the writers of his bands book. Devan is interested but the other writer isn't and until then he'll bend some time with Devan. But the more time he spends with her the more he doesn't want to share.

I don't even think I checked what this book was about before I got it. I believe it was the authors name that caught my eye with being familiar. Anyways I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. This book is definitely steamy so if you aren't into that then I don't recommend you pick this book. Other then that this book was pretty great with an interesting story line,great characters and its really got me curious to see whats in store for the next book. . Overall I thought that this book was entertaining and a fun read. 

Oh and in case you were wondering all these books are standalones. I haven't read the first two books and I don't feel like I missed a thing.  

He’s dead still for a second, but then he wraps his arms around me and pulls me in close. He’s right between my legs, and I shiver when I feel the cotton of his T-shirt against my inner thighs. I gasp as the implication of why I can feel him hits me.
“Oh my God,” I sputter as I pull back. “Holy shit!”
Cole quickly pulls back and looks up at me with concern.
“What’s wrong?”
When I went to dry the monitor, the thing I grabbed to do it was the hem of my white cotton dress—the hem of which had rested about an inch above my knee. I’m now sitting here with it bunched up around my thighs. I try not to look down, but can’t help it. As quick as I bring my eyes back to his, it’s too late. His gaze follows the path mine just did, and he lets out a choked noise when he realizes the state I’m in.
“Jesus, Devon,” he growls. “Fuck.”
Lifting his head, he meets my eyes. My breath stops, lodging somewhere in my chest when I see the look of hunger in his eyes. The breath rushes out of me in a whoosh when he leans back and runs his hands up the inside of my thighs.
“You’re so soft,” he murmurs. “So beautiful.”
I expel the breath I’ve been holding in a rush. Seemingly of their own volition, my legs spread wider, allowing him to come in closer.

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Ella Fox writes like a woman possessed whenever she gets the chance! She is the author of The Hart Family Series, The Renegade Saints Series and The Catch Series.

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

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