Friday, March 4, 2016

Review : Private Bodyguard

Private Bodyguard by Tyler Anne Snell

(Orion Security #1)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Intrigue, Harlequin
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Pages: 228
Published February 23rd 2016 by Harlequin


As a bodyguard, it was his duty to protect her—not fall for her all over again… 

Orion Security Group's mission is to protect those in serious danger. So when Oliver Quinn's latest assignment unexpectedly brings him back into Darling Smith's life, he knows it's going to be his most challenging case yet. And from the moment he comes face-to-face with the beauty from his past, Oliver can't deny their history is going to make for some tension-filled days—and frustrating nights. But keeping her safe, even though she denies she needs his help, has to come before exploring their lingering feelings. She may not have asked for his protection, but with the killer on her trail, she can't afford not to have it… 

Plus a bonus short story by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen


Darling is a private investigator on a case when she was caught and sent to the police station. Little did she expect to run into an old flame and find out that they are both working on the same case on different ends. Things get complicated when she is sent threatening messages the closer to the ending of the case she gets. Meanwhile it seems her heart is in danger of being caught up with Oliver once again.

Overall I loved this story. It was fun, suspenseful, interesting, and steamy. I mean there so much twists and turns to keep any reader hooked. Just when you think the story is ending you get dragged right on in again to find out something else is going on. I really enjoyed this book and I managed to get lost in this book within a couple of hours. Highly Recommend!

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