Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review : Her Mistletoe Cowboy

Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Marie Ferrarella

(Forever, Texas #14)
Genre: American Romance, Holiday, Harlequin,
Goodreads: Click
Pages: 224
Published December 1st 2015 by Harlequin


Second Chance Ranch with First-Rate Cowboy 

Kimberly Lee isn't sure what she'll find when she comes to Forever, Texas, to do a story on a groundbreaking program that could put this small town on the map. It certainly isn't the warm, friendly community that makes the roving reporter feel instantly at home. Or the accident that lays her up at Garrett White Eagle's ranch, where the blue-eyed rancher awakens feelings she long ago gave up.

Giving people hope again is the goal of the healing ranch Garrett started with his brother. And the lovely, hardworking writer is no exception. Doesn't Kim realize how much good they can do—together? Her future is here with him. If she's willing to trust in a love that could fulfill the promise of forever.


Kimberly is sent to write a story on a ranch that helps rehabilitate troubled boys. Make them better part of the society with a 100% success rate. Thing is they are low on funds and a story on them could help generate some cash flow. Kimberly is skeptical that everything is as perfect as it seems so she must dig deep to see if everything is what it appears to be.

So the thing is as much as I liked it I wished that there was more to the book. I like short holiday books but I also like them packed with things to keep them interesting, drama and such. But this book there really much going on just a bunch of fluff which was still fun to read but I was hoping for more.

Beside that I liked that Kimberly was an interesting character, I liked that both Garrett and Kimberly's backstory was told to give a bit of depth to the characters. I liked the overall story but like Kimberly I was skeptical I was hoping for a bit of trouble when it came to the ranch to stir things up. I liked the connection between Garrett and like that there was multiple POV. I really liked this book it was sweet to read and good for the holidays.

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