Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review : Deadly Christmas Secrets

Deadly Christmas Secrets by Shirlee McCoy

Genre : Love Inspired, Suspense, Romance, Holiday
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Pages: 224
Published December 1st 2015 by Love Inspired


The Christmas Target 

When new evidence surfaces that Harper Shelby's niece is possibly alive, Harper doesn't expect it to endanger her life. For her protection, she has to put her much-guarded trust in Logan Fitzgerald, the man who unknowingly led a killer to her doorstep. Hired to track Harper down, security and rescue expert Logan doesn't like that he's been used to find a woman who someone apparently wants dead. Now he won't leave Harper's side until he can guarantee her safety and untangle the truth from the lies regarding her sister's and niece's murders. The closer they get to finding answers, the more intent the killer becomes on making sure that there won't be a family reunion—or happily-ever-after—for Harper this Christmas. 

Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes.


It's been four years since the death of Harpers sister and niece and shes been dealing with it the only way she knows how. Things have been going okay up until surprising evidence shows that her niece might be alive and that there is someone coming after her. With the help of Logan they find out who is after her and see if that girl really is her niece.

I loved this book it was a fun read. There was so much mystery and suspence to keep the readers hooked. The twists and turns will keep the readers on their toes. I loved getting to know the backstories of the two main characters. I loved that there was so much going on that I just couldn't put the book down today. It was a great story and I really enjoyed it.

4.5 stars!

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