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Review : Crushing on the Enemy

Crushing on the Enemy by Sarah Adams

My Rating: 2 of 5 stars.
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Sports, Chick Lit, High School
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Pages: 148
Published May 23rd 2013


Alyssa begins her senior year living the life that most teenage girls dream of. She's surrounded by friends, she's captain of the cheer squad, and her crush has just asked her out. Things at home are a little wonky, but isn't that true for everyone? 

Alyssa's illusions of happiness are very quickly busted when the people she thought were her friends turn on her. She's unsure of how she's going to manage to survive the rest of her senior year, until she finds two unlikely allies. A long forgotten best friend from middle school and the quarterback from the rival school's football team, but Alyssa's problems are a long way from being solved.

She still has to keep her grades up, put her with overbearing step-father, and deal with being branded a traitor for dating a guy from another school. 

Jake's father is a jaded man and he has constantly warned his son not to date until after high school. More than a warning, he's made it a rule that he forces his son to live by.

“Son, if you want to make it to college, you'll listen to me,” his father has said again and again. 

Jake manages to follow his fathers rules until he meets a pretty cheerleader from the rival school crying in the parking lot after a football game. After that all bets are off. Alyssa instantly steals his heart, but will his high school football career survive their relationship? If he doesn't stay focused he'll lose out on the only chance he has of going to college: obtaining a football scholarship.
Will their young love be able to survive the storm of teen drama and school spirit called senior year?


Honestly I don't know what to say about this book. I was hoping for more with that description. I didn't love or hate the book it was ok. It felt dull, there needed to be more to stand out, I feel like I've read this book a dozen different times just different names. The ending was okay, but what did she really like about the dude to want to change her college life for this dude. I wished to know more about the characters in general. I didn't really connect to the characters at all. I just wished that there was more to this book, it was okay.

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