Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review - The Christmas Family

The Christmas Family by LInda Goodnight

(Buchanons #2)
Genre: Love Inspired, Contemporary, Christmas, Christian Romance,
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Pages: 224
Published October 20th 2015 by Love Inspired
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Contractor Brady Buchanon can't wait to surprise single mom Abby Webster with his company's Christmas home makeover prize. But once he does, the struggling waitress turns him down flat! Raised in foster care, Abby won't accept charity. Yet when her dilapidated porch almost injures her daughter, Abby finally agrees to Brady's offer. As the hardworking bachelor pushes to finish the house in time for Christmas, he starts falling for Abby and her little girl. With the holidays in sight, Brady wonders if Abby will not only accept her beautiful new home, but also his wish to make her his wife… 


Abby is a single mother doing what she can for her special needs child. Money is worn thing, her house is slowly falling apart but at least she's got things in a decent place. Brady Buchanon is known for his family construction business and  runs a christmas makeover, This year Abby is selected for the makeover. Little did he expect was for her to reject his offer but he knows more then anything that she is a women who deserves this makeover most.

I loved how Abby was the type of women to work for what she got and let her past make her into a better person to not depend on anyone. I loved watching the relationship that formed between Abby and Brady. I loved his family as well making Abby and her daughter feel loved and quite at home. I loved that they were accepting towards her daughters special ability. I loved that there was that there was a bit of drama and I'm now curious more about who is the trouble makers that were causing Brady and his family's construction company grief. Overall I liked this book a sweet little wintry/Christmas book and prefect for the upcoming holidays. I would put this in the TBR list if I were you your not going to want to miss it.

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