Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review : Falling for the Sheriff

Falling for the Sheriff by Tanya Michaels

Genre: Contemporary, American Romance
Goodreads: Click
Pages: 224
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Published August 4th 2015 by Harlequin


A Fresh Start 

Widow Kate Sullivan moved to Cupid's Bow, Texas, to get her teenage son on the right path. But their new life in the small town gets off to a rocky start when her son is caught shoplifting by the sheriff. Kate is immediately attracted to Cole Trent, but she's not ready to fall in love again, and certainly not with another cop. 

Cole should have known Cupid's matchmakers would scramble to fix him up with a smart, beautiful woman like Kate. The single dad has managed to evade their efforts until now, so he and Kate come up with a plan to keep the matchmakers at bay. Pretending to be a couple was a good idea, until Cole realizes his feelings are anything but pretend. Can he convince Kate to give their romance a real chance?


After the death of her husband while on duty she's pretty much set herself to make sure not to go for another man that works as a cop. Its easy enought to do when her teenage son seems to be having a hard time dealing with things and getting himself into trouble. To have a fresh new start Kate goes to live back with her mother where shes is already trying to set her up with the local sheriff. Kate must learn to balance being a parents to a troubled teen as well her her blooming feeling for the sheriff.

Overall this book was a pretty good short story that kept me hooked. I loved the relationship between Kate and Cole. I loved that not only did this book have the point of view of the two main characters but the son of Kate's as well. It helped showed another side of him that would've been harder to understand if you didn't get his point of view.I loved watching the relationship between Cole and Kate and that there was just enough drama to keep things interesting. I really enjoyed this book and reocmmend you lovely readers to check out this book.

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