Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review : End of Eternity

End of Eternity by Loretta Lost

Pages: 201
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
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Published November 2nd 2014

She married a monster. Now, she has to deal with the consequences... 

Carmen Winters thought her life was getting better.
Until she came home to find her new husband hanging from a chandelier.

Six months pregnant and devastated, Carmen is forced to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Before she can even begin to grieve, she finds herself being inappropriately pursued by Brad West, a sophisticated Manhattan lawyer and her late husband's best friend. But between caring for her elderly father and her estranged sister Helen, Carmen is not ready to open her heart to anyone new.

As she grows obsessed with understanding the madness that took her husband, Carmen finds her own mind unraveling dangerously to the brink of insanity. It is only when she meets a sweet and sensitive stranger named Owen that she finds herself able to smile again.

Is it really true that the best beginnings can come from the worst endings? Or does Carmen have deeper to fall before she can learn who she really is?

This is book one of a four-part series. End of Eternity is a spinoff from the Clarity books. 

Arg I did it again, when will I learn? In case your confused, I'm talking about how Loretta Lost wrote another great book, with a cliffhanger ending and I don't have the money to get the next book. That ending though... Just knowing that it was a Loretta Lost book I requested to review it without even checking out the description, I knew it would be a great one. What I didn't realize was that it was already free on Amazon, so those of you who are reading it, get it before its gone. Secondly, this was the perspective of Helen's older sister Carmen. I was pleasantly surprise to get her POV and seeing what happened after what occurred through Helen's book Clarity Book 3 (In case you were wondering)

I have to say, if you haven't checked out this book or any of the Clarity books you are really missing out. You should have this book already if not bump it to the top of your tbr list.

As you can see I really loved this book and I really can't get over that cliffhanger. I loved getting to know Carmen's POV and seeing what happens after the tragedy. I mean Carmen just can't catch a break. I have to say that I really love Owens character he really was amazing and supportive to Carmen even if he didn't know her. Sucks that he has a girlfriend or else they would've made a great pair. Not sure what else to say this book was amazingly written I was able to zoom through the book is one setting with this book keeping me hook. Loved it!

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