Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review : The Bull Rider's Son

The Bull Rider's Son by Cathy McDavid

Genre: Contemporary, American Romance, Harlequin
Pages: 244
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Published : July 7th 2015 by Harlequin
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Too Close To Home

Cassidy Beckett has a secret she's kept for six years: the identity of her son's father. She can't hide the truth much longer. The Easy Money Arena's new bull manager, Shane Westcott, also happens to be the boy's handsome uncle. But Cassidy will do anything to protect her young son, even if it means steeling her heart against Shane's nearly irresistible charm. 

It doesn't take Shane long to figure out two things—Cassidy's son is his nephew, and his feelings for the boy's beautiful mother go way beyond friendship. As a single dad, Shane knows how important a father is to a child. He also knows the men in Cassidy's life have let her down before. Can Shane convince Cassidy to face the truth without losing her trust…or his heart?

Cassidy has been through so much, shes at a good place now being able to control her life and happy with her son. But the identity of her son's father become harder to hide when her father hires Shane, her sons uncle. She and Shane briefly had a relationship but their careers got in the way and those old feelings hasn't seemed to fade. Thing is if she gets close to Shane he might end up finding out that her son's real fathers identity and tell his brother. Cassidy isn't ready for her secret to be revealed but it just might be something she needs to face.

Overall. I really loved this book. It was short and enjoyable. I loved watching the attraction between Cassidy and Shane. I wasn't fond of Shane's brother though, I can understand why things turned out the way it did but I didn't like how it played out. I can understand as well why Cassidy was holding on to her son a bit but she should've just said something to begin with to lessen the blow for everyone. I want to say more about what I liked about this book without spoiling it for those of you out there who hadn't seen the book so I'll just stop it here.

I recommend you lovely readers to check out this book.

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