Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review : End of Eternity Book 3 & 4

My Review:

"Don't you know this? When it comes to love, every minute counts." 
I couldn't just simply write a review for the third book because I just had to rush into the next book. I've been a fan of Owen and Carmen's relationship since book one. It was fun and entertaining what they both had with each other. I enjoyed seeing their playful banter with one another and how they could just be themselves with each other. Then there goes that ending in the third book that made me what to rush into seeing what lengths Carmen would go to against Brad.

I have to say how things turned out in the last book was interesting, fascinating and not what I thought. I was hoping for a bit more and it felt rushed but then again its like 200+ pages and there is only so much details and such to extend the book any further. I did like how it turned out and loved the ending.

This series is a great one that wan interesting, fun and good enough for me to reread. There are many books out there that I do enjoy but not enough to reread and this is one of those books that I could reread and still enjoy it as much as I do now.

Overall I recommend you lovely readers to check out this book as well as the previous series featuring her sisters POV. The series is called Clarity, I think as much as you'd enjoy this series it would be better to read the previous books first because you'll appreciate the other characters mentioned in this book all the more. just by reading the other series I was able to fall for Owens sense of humor and was excited about this series showing his HEA.
"It's strange how addicting it can be to simply remain miserable, as long as it means that nothing will change and you won't have to brave enough to start over new."
So since what I was thinking didn't turn up in the story I'm going to mention what I thought about Carmen's baby.

I don't think its a spoiler or will ruin the book but just in case it is don't read whatever comes out after this sentence.

What I was hoping for was that all though the baby was born prematurely I was hoping that her child in fact did live, on machines but lived after all. That Brad paid for everything to be taken care of meant that he'd paid someone off to give the living child away. Now that I'm thinking about there was never any mention to a sort of burial or funeral for her dead child. Did she not care? Ok I know she cared she did go through a bit of grieving but still... I guess I'll never know.

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