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Review : End of Eternity Book 2

End of Eternity Book 2

(End of Eternity series Book 2)
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Published November 30th 2014 by Smashwords Edition


Carmen has already lost so much.
Lately, her life has been a snowball of negativity, rolling downhill and gathering speed. Now, she faces the loss of the one thing she hoped would make everything better. Can Carmen find the strength inside herself to pull through?

If only someone will stay with her, she knows she can overcome her psychological and physical difficulties. Unfortunately, with her father and sister in a different state, she has no family or friends to take care of her in this difficult time. Her only options are Brad, a ruthless lawyer concerned mainly with dollar signs, and Owen, a kind doctor with a jealous and spiteful long-term girlfriend.

When a shocking revelation about the truth behind her husband's suicide leaves Carmen reeling, nothing will ever be the same...

Review :

So, I have an awesome best friend who was able to loan me her copy of this book. I didn't even realize she was also a fan of the author of these books as well. Thank goodness for she was able to loan me of copy of this book through kindle loan system.

Of course there is a cliffhanger that'll leave you saying WTF. So I highly recommend those of you who are just starting with this series or new to this authors books you really should just get the boxed set because you're going to get hooked and reget not getting all the books instead of one at a time.

Overall I loved this book.  It very unique, interest I loved getting to know more about brad and about her ex husbands life. I got some assumptions on whats going down with this book but I don't want to say so I don't get to ruin the book for those of you who are reading this. Actually if you reader were reading this then stop because you'll ruin the first book. If you had read this book then ignore my comment. I guess I shouldn't always write what I think... Anyways. I loved that there is enough mystery to keep the readers guessing which makes this book all the more interesting. Plus I really love Owens character and want to see him and Carmen together they are such fun when they are together.

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