Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review : Beyond the Seduction

Beyond the Seduction by M.A. Stacie

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotic
Goodreads: Click
Pages: 202
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Published April 23rd 2015 by TWCS Publishing House
For a man who thought he had everything, Trace Jacks sure had nothing now.
After one letter blows his life apart, Trace is clueless how he can move on. He stumbles through the days, never accepting the grief that flows within him, and finding it easier to bury his loss. Hiding becomes a lot easier after he takes his niece to her dance class, striking up an interesting conversation with her teacher.

Shae Bennett is happy to keep things fun, enjoying Trace’s seduction and his spontaneity. With him she can forget about her concerns for her mom and stress of running the dance studio. With him she can be herself, and it is all-consuming.

When the fun beings to slip, when reality starts to encroach in the worst way, their relationship unravels at an alarming speed, leaving Trace and Shae battling for a way back to one another.

"If you keep on fixating on the past, your future will walk right out of your life."
For Trace thinking was looking up he has a girlfriend and a baby and things couldn't get any better. That was until he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, with his band mates, different guys and the light of his life the baby is not even his. This were going from bad to worse that he was pretty much hiding from everyone. The one thing to lure him out was his young niece, the one thing he hasn't expected on was her amazing dance teacher to warm up that cold heart of his.

Shea helps run her mothers dance studio and lately her mother just isn't up to it. In fact her mother isn't much of her self lately with her forgetfulness and thinking things are currently as they were in the past. Shea's father isn't in the picture and made is clear he doesnt want to be in her life by his actions. When she meets Trace things start to look up, they are only looking for a little fun. Thing start to get complicated. As much as the fooling around is making the current problems go away it don't say gone and things will only get worse the longer buried.

I loved watching the romance and connection between Shea and Trace. I loved that they were able to heal and support one another when things got tough. I thought it was interesting getting to know more about each character as the story progressed. The story was well written with an interesting story line. Overall I really enjoyed the book. I found out that this is apart of series so I'll be sure to check out the previous books because I'm taking it as each story is a stand alone in this series.

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