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Blitz : Hope In Every Raindrop

One of the coolest things about writing a book is holding the completed copy in your hands. The second coolest thing? Choosing a celebrity dream cast, just in case your book gets turned into a movie.
Most of my writing is based on experience. On places I've been, people I've interacted with, and things I've done. So, when I first started writing Hope In Every Raindrop I already had images in my mind of what everyone looked like. Finding a dream cast was harder than I imagined. 
After a few days I was able to finalize my choices. So, without further ado, here is my dream cast.

Hope In Every Raindrop Dream Cast

Samantha Sanders (aka Sam) - Anna Camp, but not the Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect. The Anna Camp from The Good Wife.
Earl Andrews - Christopher Lloyd. I originally pictured Earl as a skinnier version of the Monopoly man. This picture of Christopher Lloyd does it justice.

Pearl Andrews - I had Margo Martindale pegged from the beginning.
Dr. Donald "Doc" Anderson - This was a tough one because Doc Anderson is actually based on a real person who raises Carolina Dogs in  Bishopville. The closest I could come up with is Jeff Bridges, but he'd need to dye his hair a little whiter and grow it out some.
 Katie Price - I first thought of Rachel Bilson after seeing her in The OC, but her role in Hart of Dixie is pretty spot on.
Kyle Walker - Bryan Greenberg. I remembered Bryan Greenberg from his appearance on One Tree Hill.
So, that's my dream cast. 
After you read Hope In Every Raindrop, I'd love to hear your dream cast too!

Hope In Every Raindrop by Wesley Banks 

Publication date: May 26th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Goodreads: Click
Purchase: Amazon | B&N
“Small towns have big stories.” That was a lesson Katie’s father taught her years ago. A lesson she’s taken to heart. And right now, Katie is desperate for a big story. Reeling from the recent loss of her father and with her agent breathing down her neck for the next book, the twenty-one-year-old writer picks a spot on the map and finds herself bound for a middle-of-nowhere town called Bishopville, South Carolina.

Taking a chance on the words of a local grocer, Katie stumbles upon a rare breed of dogs raised by the town doctor and his nephew Kyle. The only problem? Kyle isn’t interested in telling stories—especially not to a big-city girl who can’t seem to sit still. In an attempt to win him over as the clock winds down, Katie finds herself immersed in Kyle’s world, doing everything but writing.

When inspiration finally strikes, Katie is faced with an unforeseen catastrophe and a truth she can no longer ignore. While she has come to love the dogs, the real story may be about Kyle Walker.
Seeing The Dogs (page 36)
From where Katie stood, they looked down on what appeared to be an empty pasture. A myriad of different trees surrounded it. The land was flat, and quiet. Yet, it almost felt as if all of nature were crowded in around it just waiting for something to happen.
That's when Katie saw him. He was several hundred feet away, so it was too far to be certain, but it looked like the outline of the same man she’d seen earlier.
At first, he was alone as he walked out of a small clearing and into the open field, but seconds later the first dog appeared. He was slightly bigger than the rest, who followed in pairs. By her count there were fifteen dogs, and not once did they break formation, stopping a few paces in front of the man.

As you begin to read Hope In Every Raindrop, you will quickly discover Kyle Walker’s love for dogs, particularly his Carolina Grays (fictional breed).
Living in the small town of Bishopville, South Carolina Kyle Walker isn’t much of a movie guy. Fortunately I am. I love movies, but especially dog movies.

My Top 10 Favorite Dog Movies

These are listed in the order that I can remember watching them, though if I’m being completely honest #5 is my favorite (the ending is just wow).
  1. White Fang
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. Call of the Wild
  4. Turner and Hooch
  5. Iron Will
  6. Stone Fox
  7. Where the Red Fern Grows
  8. Marley & Me
  9. I Am Legend
  10. Hachi
I know I left some classics like Lassie, Benji, and Old Yeller off the list, but these are my favorites.
Last, but not least, I recently saw the trailer for Max and am guessing that will be on the list soon.
What’s your favorite dog movie (or book)?
Wesley Banks was born in 1983 and grew up on the west coast of Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil Engineering. After spending over 7 years building movable bridges from Florida to Washington he decided to focus on his true passion: writing.

Wesley recently moved from Florida to Oregon to get back to the great outdoors that he's love so much. He lives with his wife Lindsey, and his two dogs Linkin and Story. Most of his time these days is spent writing, with as much rock climbing, hiking, or skiing as they can fit in.

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