Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review : About that Night

About that Night by Beth Andrews

(In Shady Grove #6 )
Genre: Contemporary, Super Romance, Harlequin
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Pages: 384
Published June 2nd 2015 by Harlequin

 One night…and a whole lotta trouble!

When it comes to men, Ivy Rutherford never loses her cool. Ever. Then she meets wealthy, green-eyed cowboy C.J. Bartasavich, and desire burns out of control. Yeehaw. So for one night, Ivy will indulge in a passion neither of them will forget…and walk away without a backward glance. 

Except now Ivy's pregnant. And even worse, C.J. has come to her hometown of Shady Grove determined to get to know her and be part of their baby's life—even if she's convinced their attraction is purely physical. Because Ivy can't let herself rely on a sexy cowboy…or worse yet, fall in love with one.

Ivy decided to give into the attraction between her and CJ knowing that it won't do anywhere. Just an itch to scratch then he'll leave and she'll be satisfied. Little did anyone expect that it would lead to a child on the way. When Ivy decides to do the right thing and tell CJ then head back home without that guilt. What she didn't plan on was for CJ to seek her out to be apart of that child's life and maybe even her.

So that being said there is another perspective in the book, Graces, mini story. A story I didn't feel that tied into the story much so her story/relationship felt like an unneeded add on, but it was still interesting. I did like the story it was enjoyable. I loved watching them slowly love and learn to trust what was going on between each other.

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