Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review : Fortune's June Bride

Fortune's June Bride by Allison Leigh

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Pages: 224
Published May 19th 2015 by Harlequin

Could a wedding for a week. . .

For weeks now, sexy-as-heck Galen Fortune Jones has been playing the ardent groom in the Wild West Wedding show at Cowboy Country USA. The bride? His sweet, redheaded neighbor Aurora McElroy. Of course, Aurora has had a hidden crush on the rancher for years, but she's been careful to keep that secret close to the vest!

Lead to a marriage for a lifetime?
Things get a little out of hand, however, when Galen agrees to pretend he and Aurora are real life husband and wife. It's only temporary, of course, and it's for a good cause. But being Aurora's hubby off stage is starting to mess with the confirmed bachelor's head. He's having far from friendly feelings for his in-name-only spouse, and it's freaking him out! Has love finally found Horseback Hollow's last unfettered Fortune?

What should've been a week lasted a lot longer when Aurora asks her brothers friend Galen's help to be apart of a western wedding skit. He was only going to help as a understudy until a replacement was there but the replacement never came and Aurora have been tied together with each other for a while and can't help but give into that attraction that they have.

I'm not quite sure but I feel like there are a bunch of other books that go before this book. I just felt like pointing that out simply because of different areas of the book talk about his other siblings relationships. I could be wrong... Overall I did enjoy the book. I loved watching the relationship between the two and the steamy scene were pretty great. I loved that there was a dual point of view helping me enjoy each character more. I loved that there was a perfect mix of romance, drama and steamy scenes to keep things interesting.

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