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Review : The Bull Rider Twins

The Bull Rider Twins by Tina Leonard

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin,
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Pages : 224
Published September 6th 2011 by Harlequin

 Not The Marrying Kind?

Finding Daria Cameron warming his bed is a sight Judah Callahan will never forget. How can a red-blooded cowboy say no? Especially when Judah’s desired Darla from afar for years. Only now she’s having his babies…and planning on tying the knot with another man. Over his dead body!

All Darla wanted was one night of passion with the wildly sexy Callahan she secretly loves. But now that she’s going to have a family, she has to be practical. And Judah isn’t the marrying kind.

The die-hard bachelor was even willing to give up his share of his family’s New Mexico ranch to his five brothers so he could stay footloose and fancy-free. Now all Judah can think about is getting Darla down that aisle…with him. Can he get her to believe in their future together? He’ll bet the ranch on it!

Since it's my blog I'm going to put my two cents in about the covers. When I was on Goodreads I've noticed the cover from Netgalley and the cover for Goodreads are two very different covers. I have to say that as much as I think the twins in the covers at the left of this comment (From Goodreads) are adorable, I think that the cover in general is cheesey. I love the cover from the Netgalley site for this book, it really caught my eye. If I was caught with the book from the Goodreads cover version I would probably hide it or cover it, doesn't matter how great the contents of the book is. Mind you I have yet to read it. This section is pretty much my first impression.

I'm impressed, I really enjoyed this book. I read previous book by Tina Leonard Family for the Bull Ride I did like it but this book was definitely an improvement. I have to admit I didn't like Judah at first he was kind of a cocky jerk but then got better. I loved watching the connection between Darla and Judah. I loved that there was enough drama to keep things interesting with a bit of twists and turns to keep the readers hooked. I loved that there was multiple point of views to keep things interesting. Overall I really enjoyed this book and would rate it 4.5 stars.

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