Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review : Rock & Release

Rock & Release by Riley Edgewood 

Publication date: January 5th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Music, Death
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Formerly released as a three-act serial, Rock & Release contains all three acts (VIP, Starstruck, & Show Stopper) together in one complete novel.

Cassidy Evans is looking for an escape over her college summer break. And when one night with a few too many martinis leads her to sexy guitarist, Gage Logan, she may have found exactly what she needs.

He’s hot and he’s sweet, and in the bedroom he’s enough to make Cassidy forget her own name. Multiple times. But as her heart opens to Gage, feelings she’s been trying to avoid slip through, too. Regret over her rocky relationship with her parents. Pain from her brother’s recent death. Guilt over a fallout with her best friend… As much as she craves Gage, she can’t unlock her heart the way she feels he deserves.

Enter Luca James, international rock star and lead singer for Gold Rush Standard. Cassidy can’t stand his music. She can’t stand his arrogance. And, when he sets his sights on more than the drinks she serves him, she especially can’t stand how she’s drawn to his no-strings-attached flirting.

Soon Cassidy will have to make a choice: ignore her heart and go after the carefree life she covets, or stand strong to face a bittersweet reality.

Either way, she risks losing everything she truly wants.

Cassidy and her family are going through issues with their grief. Cassidy had her whole summer planned with an amazing internship but is looking forward to her one night of freedom left. When shes able to score some amazing tickets to be VIP to see a concert, then an offer to work at a concert venue, throw a guy in the mix and now things start to get complicated. Grief and a lot of bad decision making can cause a person to do things they would'nt normally do but Cassidy is trying to find herself and find a way to be happy again.

I just want to recommend to you readers out there reading this that you should get this book over the seperate books in this series. Simply because this book is great and because you'll want to read the next book straight away and its a hassle if the books are seperate. Theres a load of drama (and I mean loads of it) and sexy scenes. You'll probably want to smack Cassidy a couple times just to set her head straight because she makes alot of dumb choices but its still fun to read. There is never a dull moment and things are fast paced throughout the book.

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