Friday, February 20, 2015

Review : Twins to Bind Them

Baby Twins To Bind Them by Carol Marinelli

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical, Harlequin,
Pages : 264
Expected publication: March 1st 2015 by Mills & Boon Medical

 The ultimate baby bombshell! 

For delicious Dr. Guy Steele, life is all about flirting and never about forever! It's the only way to avoid discussing the painful issue of his infertility. So a fling with Candy Anastasi, the sexiest nurse in the hospital, is the perfect solution…right?

Candy's desperate to take her mind off her good-for-nothing ex—and six weeks of the best sex of her life is the ideal distraction! Until she realizes that she's fallen for Guy…and that she's pregnant–with twins! Could her double baby bombshell ultimately bind her to Guy forever?

Candy is still feeling the sting from her latest ex-boyfriend co-worker who isn't making it easy for her at the wore place. At least for now he is out and a new Doc is in. Dr.Steele is a divorcee who isn't looking for something permanent because of a bit of a medical condition he has. When Candy and Steele get together everything seems right but its only for a short period when Steele contract at the place he's currently working at and Candy is going to be in vacation. Will the romance between the two last especially since Candy finds out shes pregnant?

I thought that this was a short sweet and fun read. Its not that much unique I feel like I've read something like this before but I wasn't able to put five star. I wish that there was more differences between this book and other to really make it stand out. It was very fast paced almost to the point where their everything kind of felt rushed. Overall I really enjoyed this book, the characters were interesting and I loved that there was a dual point of view. Oh and I love the cover its really pretty and drawn me into checking out this book.

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