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The Destiny of Violet & Luke By Jessica Sorensen

The Destiny of Violet & Luke By Jessica Sorensen

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, College Age, Realistic Fiction
Publication: January 7, 2014
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Luke Price's life has always been about order, control, and acting tough on the outside. For Luke, meaningless relationships are a distraction-a way to tune out the twisted memories of his childhood. He desperately wishes he could forget his past, but it haunts him no matter what he does.

Violet Hayes has had a rough life. When she was young, she was left with no family and the memory of her parents' unsolved murders. She grew up in foster homes, living with irresponsible parents, drugs, and neglect, and trying to fight the painful memories of the night her parents were taken from her. But it's hard to forget when she never got closure-and she can't stop dreaming about what happened that tragic night. To make it through life, she keeps her distance from everyone and never allows herself to feel anything.

Then Violet meets Luke. The two clash instantly, yet they can't seem to stay away from each other. Although they fight it, they both start to open up and feel things they've never felt before. They discover just how similar they are. But they also discover something else: The past always catches up with you . . .

My Thoughts:

"There is no erasing what just happened. I can't change the past just as much as I can't control my future."

I would describe this book like the characters would describe each other : Crazy and Intense. This book was dark and I just couldn't put it down once I've started. Wow, when I read what Kayden saying that there was a lot going on with Luke I wasn't expecting this. I loved that we as the readers got a chance to see what was up with the mysterious Violet and what was behind the scenes with Luke. I thought the characters we well developed and the story was well written. I loved that I was able to make assumptions from the little clues and was able to figure out what was going on by 60% of the book. Oh and that ending T_T.  I enjoyed every minute of reading this book and recommend you lovely readers to read this book. This book is a stand alone that branches off of The Coincidence Series with Callie and Kayden. Loved it!

5 of 5 Stars!

"My life is changing and I'm not sure f that's a good or band thing."

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