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New Adult Romance Boxed Set

New Adult Romance Boxed Set 

By Emme Rollins, Julia Kent, Anna Antonia, Aubrey Rose, Helena Newbury

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Bad-boy CEOs. Naked lead singers. Soulful intellectuals. Dancers. Rock stars. Summer is hot, and so are these men.... The New Adult Romance Boxed Set has FIVE COMPLETE NOVELS.

All novels from top 100 New Adult Amazon authors, this collection includes USA Today Bestseller Julia Kent, Top 100 Amazon Bestseller Emme Rollins, top 10 UK Amazon bestseller Helena Newbury, and more...

Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins 

She's obsessed with a rock star. He's crazy enough to want to be one. Sometimes the best things in life are crazy. Amazon Top 100 Bestseller.

My Thoughts:

Sara has been obsessed with the idea of Tyler Vincent for a while. He is her escape from the world and if she manages to win a contest that Tyler Vincent's funding he will really be her escape from her home with a full scholarship to a university in Maine. Dale is a new student and he has caught Sara's eyes. Dale seem to be everything she wants, doesn't help that he also looks similar to Tyler Vincent, is in a band and can help get front row tickets to Tyler Vincents Concert. Everything seems to be going good in their world until Sara wins the concert Tyler Vincent is hosting. Now she must choose to say with Dale and see him to go the Battle of the Bands or Leave to Maine and accept her Prize but leave Dale behind.

Wow, just loved this book. I think a lot of girls and women can relate to Sara's character. I liked how real she felt. I loved the connection between Dale and Sara. At times I felt that Sara was selfish though I felt that she let her obsession take too much of her. Meaning if Dale didn't look like Tyler Vincent would she have given him a chance. Or How she was way into her relationship to be more loyal and caring towards her friend. I liked how caring and patient Dale was to Sara. I enjoyed the overall story and thought that this book was well written. This book is great and I think you lovely readers will enjoy reading this book.

 4.5 of 5 stars!

Random Acts of Crazy (Random #1) by Julia Kent

Darla isn't the type to pick up hitchhikers -- especially naked ones. But when she makes an exception for handsome Trevor, she finds herself caught between two delicious men in this fun-filled, steamy USA Today bestseller.

My Thoughts:

"Like see many other lessons in life, you just have to try it an see what you experience."

While driving down the road Darla comes across a naked hitchhiker sporting a collar and a guitar. Figuring this guy was harmless because really were would he be hiding a weapon? She drives him to her house. The attraction is instant and then Darla comes to find out why this guy is familiar; he is in a band that she loves. When calvary arrives to bring Trevor back home his band mate, Joe,  comes to find that their ride back is damaged and they are stuck till they can find a mechanic.  The attraction between Joe and Darla now is hard to get away from, can Darla really have an attraction to two guys?

At this point I'm not even sure how to write this review. Many times though out the book I've been wondering what the heck am I reading. Steamy scenes were great. The story I guess was good but in the end I couldn't help what next. The thing that bothered me most was that Darla picks up a hitchhiker and a naked one at that. Who walks around like that? I would assume the guy is crazy and could be some weird rapist. Just because he doesnt have weapons don't mean he can over power her. The thing is this isnt the first naked hitch hiker shes picked up. I get that shes trying to be nice and helpful, but why at that risk. Couldn't she get someone else to help him? couldn't she pick up a friend to be there for back up? Couldn't she at least have a weapon for safety. I mean what ever can happen will? Just that bugged me a lot. This isnt the first trailer girl book that I've read that comes across a rock star but this girl just seems to be the stupidest girl I've read about. I mean the story was good, just like the many others I've read but grr something is off about this book. Other then that there were a couple of interesting and funny points that I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. I loved that there was more more then one point of view. The story line was a bit off that left the readers questioning what happens. I just realized that this book is apart of a series so maybe answers will come from the next book.

This book was 3 stars for me. I wish that there was more to this book. Maybe I'll check out the next book, maybe I wont. There was the surprise factor to this book to keep the readers wanting more but I don't know something was off that I'm not sure I want to know what happens next. 

Mad For You (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Love #1) by Anna Antonia

Loving Gabriel Gordon was like trying to love the sun...Emma Adams was destined to burn. Given their tumultuous natures and personal demons, there was only one way a relationship between them could survive: in madness.

My Thoughts:

Emma had her heart broken once by the arrogant Gabriel and refuses to let him get past her walls again. Little did she know that she would see him again when her job relocates forcing her to see Gabriel once again. Once they see each other old feelings start to resurface but with Emma old insecuities come out as well. Will they be able to get over the past and try to make room for the future?

Very predictable and still very enjoyable. At first I had a hard time connecting to the book, but once I got into it within a couple of pages I just couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed this book and Loved the characters. There's Emma who had her share of insecurities with the way things ended with her and Gabriel and then there's the insecurity of the past that made sure she was aware of her social status and his. Emma works hard for what she wants and I feel like at times she was selfless. Gabriel is a rich guy who gets what he wants and has the money to throw at you if needs be. I liked that Emma was cautious. That even if she agreed to be with her she made sure to remind herself of what happens and to stand her ground at certain points. I liked that she was the reason Gabriel wanted to be a better person and attempt to do things on his own rather then letting others get it for him. The book was great, a bit steamy in the end.

Overall I enjoyed the book its worth 4 of 5 stars and I look forward to seeing the next book.

Me, Cinderella? by Aubrey Rose

One kind deed can change your life forever.... Brynn Tomlin could never afford to follow her heart, but when she buys a cup of coffee for a stranger sitting in the cold, she sets into motion a course of events that can only lead to one kind of fairy-tale ending.

My Thoughts:

Brynn Tomlin is a hard working math student with her sights set on the internship that will ship her to Budapest. Brynn when to a cafe and saw a lonely stranger outside sitting in the cold. Money is tight and she barely had money but with a stroke of luck she found some money and brought herself and the stranger coffee. Up close to the stranger she realizes wasn't homeless as he first appeared but looked decent and just one look in his eyes stirred some deep feelings that are new to her.

Eliot is a Mathematician who is still grieving the loss of his wife and has pretty much closed himself off to those around him. That goes to say he's shocked when a random generous girl hands him a cup of coffee. When he sees her she seems to bring out the old feeling he once used to have.

Brought together again by a test and a trip to budapest both of them slowly start to fall for each other. The problem is, shes a student and he's a professor and it can be complicated. Will they be able to get past their pasts and learn to love one another?
"After so much damage, I cannot fully trust words. Unlike mathematics, words can be twisted too easily to deceive, to cover up to hurt."
Me, Cinderella? is about two broken people with pasts that are hard to forget and get past. Both will learn to heal their wounds and learn to love and trust. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters. I loved how real they seems and they were very likeable. I loved the connection between the two. I loved that there was two points of views of both Brynn and Eliot. I loved the cover of the book, its interesting and beautiful. The title and the cover was what draws me in for the book. I never had actually read the description when I signed up for the book, it took a leap of faith hoping this book was good and end up finding its a great book. I think my only problem is that there wasn't enough conflict. After was it was over I was hoping for more, thats why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

Overall I loved this beautifully written book and recommend you lovely readers to check it out.
"They say time heals all wounds, but not always. Sometimes woulds pucker over and leave scars, and sometimes they heal silently and secretly, so that only one person knows the hurt was over there."

Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy #1) by Helena Newbury

When troubled ballet student Natasha agrees to be the muse of millionaire designer Darrell Carner, she doesn't expect to fall for him...or to discover that his past is just as dark as hers. Can two broken souls heal each other...or will their secrets tear them apart?

My Thoughts:

"You got to hang on to your past, but f you let it own you, it'll kill you." 
Natasha has a secrets that the only thing that makes her sane is dancing and cutting. Darrell is a engineer who is looking for a muse. Lately he's been introduced to ballet and is looking for a muse to help him with his project. Darrell decides to offer Natasha money for her to dance and she accepts his offer. Little did they know was that sparks was going to fly and deepest secrets were going to be revealed.

I really enjoyed this book. This book was fun and easy to read. I loved the characters and I liked that there was both the POV of Darrell and Natasha. It was easier to understand their situation when I got each of their point of views. I like that there was a growth in the characters and the readers can see the characters slowly change to better themselves. I thought the story was well written. Overall I loved the book and think you readers would enjoy this book. 4 of 5 stars.

FIVE New Adult novels filled with men with a passion for the women they can't live without.

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