Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review : Last Chance Proposal

Last Chance Proposal by Barbara DeLeo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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A wife he needs. The woman he desires. 

Cy Hathaway needs a wife, fast, to win custody of his son, Jonty. He returns home to discover the childhood sweetheart he once left behind has become a vibrant, beautiful woman. Even though wanting to sweep her off her feet wasn't part of the plan…

For Ellie, Cy's sudden reappearance awakens a flood of memories—and resentments for the way he’d abandoned her all those years ago. But she has a life now, a career. She can't simply drop everything and get hitched, even if the sight of him still makes her heart race.

But after Ellie meets his little boy, she can't refuse. Certain she has a grip on her old feelings for Cy, she agrees to marry her first love until he gains custody. But when did helping out a friend become something with the capacity to hijack her heart?

My Thoughts:

Cy is a business men who wants custody of his child, to look like he has some stability he comes up with a crazy plan to get his son: Find someone to marry. Ellie once knew and loved Cy, that was before he left her because she said she love him. If he can get her to say yes, they both would have to trick everyone and convince everyone they are in love.

I loved the connection between the characters, I thought this was the perfect holiday book. Being that its almost Christmas time I suggest you lovely readers check this book out. I loved the characters and that there was more then one point of view. At he beginning of the book if I were Ellie and Cy asked for my help with his crazy plan I probably would've thrown something at him. How could he even ask such a thing after breaking Ellie's heart. But then again if there was a child involved I can get why she would consider helping him. I liked watching their feelings develop between the two. I realy enjoyed reading this book it only took like 2 or so hours for me to read.

I enjoyed this short and sweet book and think you readers will too. I recommend you lovely readers check it out. 4 of 5 Stars!

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