Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Review : Atticus

Atticus by S. Bennett

Genre: Contemporary,
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A heart-warming and deliciously funny story about the world’s worst behaved dog and how he trained his human how to love herself again.

Through the haze of vodka and self-loathing, Hazel Roundtree saw the poor creature lying in a ditch.

One brown eye. One blue.
Covered in mud and crying from pain, the puppy was desperately trying to free itself from a hopeless situation.

She almost kept walking by. She had her own problems and besides… no one had ever stopped to help her.

Who we’re ultimately meant to be is a journey without end, but there’s always a defined start…

Hazel had no idea the dog would be her beginning, her second chance, the miracle she never saw coming. She named him Atticus. He grew up to be a very bad—and completely awesome—dog. He took Hazel on a life-changing journey filled with mischievous adventure and painful heartbreak. In the end, Hazel grew up to be completely awesome, too.

Hazels life has been pretty much been a train wreck with no end in sight. Then she ends up finding a dog in terrible shape and ends up helping it out. Of course that dog would end up being a bit of a trouble maker but with the help of her new dog and the help of others shes able to slowly but surely work on her life and to stop placing her self worth on a man.

So when I first came up to this book I was a bit skeptical. Wasn't sure it was my thing but I am a dog lover and that pup on the cover is cute af. I wasn't sure I'd be into the POV of a dog, sounded pretty strange because I've never read a book from a dogs perspective before. After reading from Atticus perspective I loved and appreciated that it was there it was such a cute and funny addition to the book. I loved getting to know the dogs side of things when they were happening and seeing him play a part in Hazels life. I thought it was interesting seeing how Hazel started off in the beginning of the book and how she was towards the ending seeing that progression of her character. She was such an interesting characters, I loved getting to know her character and seeing how caring she was towards other. There was times she was a bit meddlesome but things were with the best of intentions. This was such a nice uplifting book and I couldn't help but smile though out the book and might've busted out laughing once or twice.

Overall this was a pretty great book I really loved this book it was such a fun read.

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