Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review : The Texan's Return

The Texan's Return by Karen Whiddon

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Crime, Suspense, 
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Pages: 288
Published April 1st 2017 by Harlequin

A dying father's final wish brings a mystery to life once again.

In the small town of Legacy, Texas, an old man is dying. At his side is the son determined to clear his name. Mac Morrison knows his father was wrongfully imprisoned for murder, and he's determined to find the real killer. But not before he reunites with a love from his past.

Hailey Green, who's still grieving her brutally murdered sister, hasn't seen Mac since he fled town in disgrace. Forced to raise her siblings, Hailey still relies on no one but herself—until the man who killed her sister returns. Turning to each other while seeking answers, Hailey and Mac find their old desires reignited and realize that the only life worth protecting is one together!
Hailey's sister was was brutally murderers and the murderer (who was the father to an old boyfriend of hers) was put in jail. Unable to cope with the loss her mother turned to alcohol, her stepfather bailed on the family no where to be seen which leaves Hailey to step up even as a young teen to grow up and take care of the family. Its been ten year since then and the murderer seems to be out again due to his illness that leaves him not much days left to live. Figures when he's out a murder similar to the one of her sister occurs. Now everyone's on a mission to find out who the murder is before he strikes again.

I tend to forget that not all mystery books are jam packed action and thrillers. It just seems that way to me at least. Overall I thought that this was a pretty fantastic book. When it came to this book I was curious seeing how Hailey was dealing with what was handed to her and watching her make the best of the situation. She sacrificed so much after her sister died. That goes to say I loved the the characters even her meddling sisters. I loved that there was a mystery element questioning if and when the killer would strike next. Then there was the questioning if the man who went down for the crime many years ago would live to see the murdered finally come to light. I didn't konw much about that man and really didn't know if there was a possibility that he could be well enough to maybe sneak around which was pretty much at the back of my mind. By the time I was half way into the book I pretty much thought I knew who it was and was pretty happy when what I thought was true. I wish I could elaborate on my suspicions but its hard without spoiling the book. Overall this was a pretty great book I really enjoyed it, I found it pretty hard to put the book down.

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