Monday, March 20, 2017

Review : The Millionaire's Royal Rescue

The Millionaire's Royal Rescue by Jennifer Faye

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery
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Pages: 256
Tempted by the rebellious royal... 

Millionaire Grayson Landers has fled the paparazzi back home--only to find himself in another media storm: rescuing the king's niece from a thief!

Lady Annabelle DiSalvo is no pampered princess--she's come to the Mediterranean island of Mirraccino to solve the mystery of her mother's death. Grayson can't help but want to assist her. Plagued by guilt over not being able to save his ex, this is his chance for redemption. Only he absolutely cannot fall for her and risk his heart again...unless it's already too late!

Lady Annabelle has been tailed by her security guard since her mothers death. Her father is convinced it isn't just a simple mugging and now her father wants guards. Annabelle just wants freedom from being under the watchful eyes of everyone and wants to prove herself. In comes Grayson who can help her, things get a bit complicated when Annabelle finds some messages from her mother and shes getting threats. Now shes and Grayson are on a mission to solve the mystery that is her mothers notes and what really happened.

I really liked this book I just thought that it was a romance book but there was a bit of mystery to it as well. I enjoyed the characters and learning a bit about them. I thought the backstories where interesting as well, I loved that bit of mystery aspect and seeing Annabelle and Grayson work together. I loved that when Annabelle was starting to focus a bit to much on negative things Grayson helped balance things out to keep her grounded and to live a bit. If you are looking for a clean romance then this book is for you. Overall I thought it was sweet and interesting and I love a bit of mystery.

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