Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review : The Forgotten Girls

The Forgotten Girls by Owen Laukkaen

Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Contemporary,
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Pages: 368
Published March 14th 2017 by G.P. Putnam's Sons
They are the victims no one has ever cared about, until now. Agents Stevens and Windermere return in this new crime novel.

She was a forgotten girl, a runaway found murdered on the High Line train through the northern Rocky Mountains and, with little local interest, put into a dead file. But she was not alone. When Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere of the joint FBI-BCA violent crime force stumble upon the case, they discover a horror far greater than anyone expected—a string of murders on the High Line, all of them young women drifters whom no one would notice.

But someone has noticed now. Through the bleak midwinter and a frontier land of forbidding geography, Stevens and Windermere follow a frustratingly light trail of clues—and where it ends, even they will be shocked.

Many girls and women died and forgotten many of the law enforcement barely looking into things only what was on the surface not knowing all these seemingly unconnected girls were taken down by a serial killer. Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere are on the case and managed to find these connections and are working on the case before he strikes again. Meanwhile one of the girls who were taken down a friend of her seeks revenge to find her friends killer.

I really loved this book. It was suspenseful full of twists and turns with multiple point of views. Not only do you get the voice of the main detectives and the killers but also the victims voice before they become the killers prey and the friend who would pretty much put her life at stake to avenge her friend. Normally I wouldn't like there being so much perspective but in this case it really added so much depth for this book. It really was like jumping into this book when you get the voices of different characters around getting to know their difference perspective and the author did such an amazing job giving each characters their own voice. If your lookin for a romance then doing bother but if you are looking for a great mystery then your going to want to pick up this book. I normally am all for the romance but there was just so much going on with this book it didn't even need it. I loved the overall story it was pretty great I loved it. Now I'm curious to see the previous books and see what happens before this book.

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