Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review : The Twelve Dogs of Christmas


The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by David Rosenfelt

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Contemporary
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Pages: 336
Published October 18th 2016 by Minotaur Books
Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter usually tries to avoid taking on new cases at all costs. But this time, he’s happy—eager, even—to take the case that’s just come his way. Andy’s long-time friend Martha “Pups” Boyer takes in stray puppies that the local dog rescue center can’t handle, raises them until they’re old enough to adopt, and then finds good homes for them. Not everyone admires the work Pups does as much as Andy does, however. With Christmas just around the corner, one of Pups’s neighbors has just reported Pups to the city for having more than the legal number of pets in her home under the local zoning laws.

Andy happily takes Pups’s case, and he feels confident in a positive outcome. Who could punish someone for rescuing puppies, after all, especially at Christmastime? But things get a lot more complicated when Randy Hennessey, the neighbor who registered the complaint against Pups, turns up dead. Pups had loudly and publicly threatened Hennessey after he filed his complaint, and Pups was also the one to find his body. All the evidence seems to point to Pups as the killer, and suddenly Andy has a murder case on his hands. He doesn’t believe Pups could be guilty, but as he starts digging deeper into the truth behind Hennessey’s murder, Andy may find himself facing a killer more dangerous than he ever imagined.

With his trademark wit, larger-than-life characters, and clever plotting, David Rosenfelt delivers another gripping mystery.

Andy is a lawyer is willing to help a friend in need Pups who is known for taking in shelter dogs. The complaint has been made against her for taking more animals and she is allowed and said things she shouldn't have. Soon enough a person she had threatened who also happens to be the person who complaint about her end up dead and she seems to be fleeing the scene things aren't looking too well. With a deadline and the holidays coming up, Andy will work as hard and fast as he can to help Pup clear her name. As well as finding out maybe who's the culprit is. 

Overall this is a really fantastic mystery book. It was full of twists and turns, enough for the readers to make their own assumptions and guess along with the characters on who it could be. There was enough information  to make so many people I suspect and I was supposed to only surprised to find out that the person I thought it was wasn't. I am not sure why but at first I thought this was a mystery Romance.I'm so used to reading books that have romance and mystery in it that I didn't even question it when I came to this book. This book was fantastic without it I was hooked from the very start and I enjoyed reading this. I enjoyed the characters and getting to know each and every person that came along. I want another cool thing that I was happy about I want to point out is that I live right next to where the locations of this story is. I think this is maybe the second book ever came across that was located near where I am normally it's in New York or some big city or some place in the middle of lala land. 

What I recommend this book? Yes I would if you're looking for a mystery that's really interesting that's great for the holidays then yes you should check this book out.

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