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Review : Dumplin'

Dumplin by Julie Murphy

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, Fiction, Family, Humor, Chick Lit
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Pages: 375
Published September 15th 2015 by Balzer + Bray


Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson (dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty queen mom) has always been at home in her own skin. Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. With her all-American beauty best friend, Ellen, by her side, things have always worked…until Will takes a job at Harpy’s, the local fast-food joint. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo. But she is surprised when he seems to like her back.

Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine: entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant—along with several other unlikely candidates—to show the world that she deserves to be up there as much as any twiggy girl does. Along the way, she’ll shock the hell out of Clover City—and maybe herself most of all.

With starry Texas nights, red candy suckers, Dolly Parton songs, and a wildly unforgettable heroine—Dumplin’ is guaranteed to steal your heart.

“I've wasted a lot of time in my life. I've thought too much about what people will say or what they're gonna think. And sometimes it's over silly things like going to the grocery store or going to the post office. But there have been times when I really stopped myself from doing something special. All because I was scared someone might look at me and decide I wasn't good enough. But you don't have to bother with that nonsense. I wasted all that time so you don't have to.” ― Julie MurphyDumplin'
Willowdean is a big girl and she knows it. The pageants have always been a presence in her life, in the town and seems to be her mother's only greatest accomplishment. The one true mother figure her aunt died a year ago but the pain is still very much real for her. She had no real interest in the pagent and knows a girl like her couldn't stand a chance. It wasn't until she came across her late aunts items finding a pageant form she decided it might be time sign up just to prove that she can. Little did she expect was for that little action of signing up inspire others to finaly take a chance.

If you're looking for a motivational book when it comes to bigger main characters this probably isn't it. Throughout the book you will hear Willowdean bringing out most of her insecurities but slowly gained that confidence she needs. It seems at first that she had things straight for herself, including the confidences to not let words like fat bother her. But really he was pretty much hiding behind that when she was really a mess of insecurities.

What I liked about this girl was that she felt real. It wasn't like she instantly felt good about herself or lost the weight or I dont know. I mean I can see so many people relating to herself. I sometimes see myself in this character in bits and pieces and love when I can come across a book with a character that I can see myself in. I loved that her impulsiveness tended to mess things up and create some drama to make things interesting. I liked that for the most part she doesn't really back down from a challenge. I mean she could've backed down at an point when she was doing the paegent but eventually did what she set out to do. I loved that she had no filter. Overall I really enjoyed this book.
“I think you gotta be who you want to be until you feel like you are whoever it is you're trying to become. Sometimes half of doing something is pretending that you can.” ― Julie MurphyDumplin'

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