Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Her Holiday Protector

Her Holiday Protector by Lenora Worth

Genre:Holiday, Love Inspired, Romance, Harlequin, Suspense,
Goodreads: Click
Pages : 224
Expected publication: October 6th 2015 by Love Inspired


The wrong target

While investigating a murder at Rikki Allen's house, detective Blain Kent realizes the victim looks a lot like Rikki. Could the secretive widow have been the target? He wants answers, but Rikki is unusually cagey. When the killer comes after Rikki at a safe location, Blain finally gets the truth out of her: she's the daughter of Franco Alvanetti—the notorious crime kingpin. A by-the-book former marine, Blain has made it his life mission to put the Alvanetti family out of business. Yet he has to trust Rikki to protect her from a killer who wants her dead by Christmas. 

Men of Millbrook Lake: Four men find love and family

My Thoughts:

Since she's been back a couple of unfortunate events keep occurring around Rikki. Blain is the man on the job to find out to investigate the murder and to keep Rikki safe since it seems that she may be connected to whatever is going on. Being that Rikki's father was notorious with crimes in the past her family's name has been smeared and it doesn't look good for her. But with the attraction that is going on can Blain look past that to the who she really is and find a way to catch the killer who is after her?

So apparently there is a book before this one and I didn't know it until I started to write this review and noticed it. That goes to say that this book is a standalone so trust me you won't miss a thing! But I would recommend checking out the previous book because with how this book turned out I'll be sure to put the book on my tbr list. 

Onto the content of the book. I really loved it, there was so much going on from the very start of the book. This book is clean so it might appeal to many of you readers out there. There was so much drama and mystery going on keeping the readers on their toes. I both loved and hated Rikki sometimes in the book, I couldn't help but thing why would you do your normal routine if your life's in danger. But then again shes a strong willed independent women who got things to do and wants to keep her head straight by sticking to her routine. I loved the relationship between Rikki and Blain. I loved that they both had their point of view being shown in this book which made me love the characters all the more. The storyline was interesting and this book was very well written. I really loved and enjoyed this book.

Highly Recommend!

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