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Review : Waiting for a Girl Like You

Waiting for a Girl Like You by Christa Maurice

(Drawn to the Rhythm #3)
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Pages : 230
Published July 7th 2015 by Lyrical Press
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They could make beautiful music together…

Hoping to dodge a scandal that could destroy her personal life and her career, Alex fled grad school for a summer job in tiny Potterville, West Virginia. She didn’t expect the town cupids to orchestrate a “chance” meeting with Marc—a sexy, brooding rock star who appreciates her love of poetry. But Alex doubts he’ll want anything more if he discovers the indiscretion she can’t forgive herself for…

Marc came to Potterville to get some space from his band and clear his head. But before he knows it, he’s intrigued with the waitress at the local diner. Alex is not only smart and beautiful, she’s inspiring his songwriting and taking it to the next level. Soon he’s falling for her—and then she runs away. For the first time, Marc is chasing after a woman—and giving both himself and Alex a chance to heal past hurts and take a chance on the future…


Alex is working as a a waitress to help pay for school and to have a bit of a break to leave her ex-boyfriend who also happens to be a married professor. She was the mistress and knew it but it didn't feel right and left him. But he won't leave it be and makes sure to let her know that it's not over. Meanwhile shes making a new life in the town she's currently staying at and can't help but fall for the charming and amazing musician Marc. Alex is happy with Marc but keeping her ex a secret from Marc is making her feel guilty and her ex seems to be stirring up trouble so she decided to jet back to school leaving Marc behind.

Overall I found this book enjoyable. I loved the connection between Marc and Alex. The story line was interesting. I think it went a bit too smoothly though when it came to her admitting some issues to solve them. I loved that there was a dual point of view. I thought Alex and Marc's relationship was a bit rushed but then again its a book so who cares? This was a pretty good book and I recommend you lovely readers to check it out when you can.

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