Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review : The Texan's Twin Blessing

The Texan's Twin Blessing by Rhonda Gibson

Genre: Historical, Love Inspired, Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin
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Pages : 288
Published June 2nd 2015 by Love Inspired

 Stand-In Father 

As temporary guardian to his twin baby nieces, William Barns barely knows a diaper from a burp cloth. The well-meaning but meddling neighbor ladies suggest a wife—namely Emily Jane Rodgers. Although William isn't in the market for a bride, he needs a loving woman to watch over the children, and Emily Jane fits the bill nicely. 

Emily Jane agrees to care for William's nieces—not become his betrothed. Fully determined to find her own way in life and to open her own bakery, Emily Jane isn't looking for a husband. But no matter how hard she resists, Emily Jane is roped in by the twins' little hugs and William's tender regard. And soon she longs to be a permanent part of this ready-made family…

I'm not a fan of historical romance fiction, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that on my blog. Regardless I managed to request this book to review and read it. I'm pretty sure it was the cover that sucked me in. I love kids and those two on the cover were just so dang adorable. Surprisingly I did like it even if some points confused me. I kept forgetting that certain areas of the book were quiet different from the modern books that I read so I was confused at some points. Regardless I gotten past that bump and really did enjoy this book. This book was sweet, enjoyable and clean, good for any age. I loved that Emily Jane was sweet, nurturing and ambitious. She was a women who had her fair share of caring for many of her siblings and wanting something more for herself and as charming at William was she didn't want him and his lovely nieces to get into the way of her dream of owning a bakery. I loved that William was caring enough to take in his nieces while thier father made his peace. He really did try what was best for them. Overall it was a good book and I really enjoyed reading it.

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