Friday, June 19, 2015

Review : Colton Cowboy Protector

Colton Cowboy Protector by Beth Cornelison

(The Coltons of Oklahoma #1)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Suspence, Harlequin
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Pages: 288
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Published June 2nd 2015 by Harlequin

Rancher and single dad Jack Colton must face an assassin in the thrilling first book of The Coltons of Oklahoma… 

A beautiful stranger appears at the Colton ranch during a party, and Jack is none too pleased. With ties to his ex-wife, Tracy McCain claims to be on a mission to bond with his son. But this intriguing widow also has a target on her back. As the Colton family brings Tracy under its broad wing, a relentless assassin puts everyone in jeopardy. Jack's protective instincts go into overdrive…and only fuel his secret attraction to Tracy. Living closely together under Jack's roof, the heat between them starts to sizzle. In fact, the only thing stronger than Jack's heady desire for Tracy is his will to keep her safe…so that one day they can become a family.

Jack is a rancher who is less then thrilled when he finds out his late ex-wife's cousin comes out of the blue waiting a relationship with his son. Jack doesn't want Tracy to come into his sons life only to leave, leaving his son heart ache. But as times goes on he finds that Tracy is nothing like her cousin and is slowly but surly finding her way into him and his son's heart. Things take a turn for the worse when they realize that Tracy has a hit on her leaving him and his family in jeopardy against a ruthless killer.

I thought that this book was rather refreshing. I mean a lot of books that I've been coming across lately have that instant love and can't live without you vibe. Then there's the new/Adult books that really focus on sex. This book had neither and really didn't need it, I loved that they slowly progressed with trusting and falling for each other. I loved that what happened in the bedroom stayed in the bedroom, leaving this book clean. I loved the suspense on when the killer would strike. I loved that this book was mainly the dual point of view. I thought the characters were interesting.  The storyline was fun, interesting, and suspenseful. I recommend you lovely readers to check it out.

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