Monday, March 23, 2015

Review : To Love A Cop

To Love A Cop by Janice Kay Johnson

Genre : Super Romance, Contemporary, Harlequin
Pages : 384
Goodreads : Click
Expected publication: April 7th 2015 by Harlequin

 She's sworn to protect her heart...

After what Laura Vennetti and her son have been through, she's avoided all contact with the police. Then her son brings detective Ethan Winter into their lives. Despite how appealing - and gorgeous - he is, it's safe to say Ethan isn't her dream man...

Immediately, though, Laura can see how different he is from her late husband. Ethan is thoughtful, considerate and a good influence on her son. Add in the intense attraction between her and Ethan and the temptation to give in is irresistible. To her surprise, Laura feels the wounds of the past healing, making her wonder if she could love this cop forever.

This is a heartwarming story on getting past grief and troubles, forgiveness and learning to love. I loved that Laura's son was just as important to the story in not only getting Laura's and Ethan perspectives but the sons as well. I loved getting into the sons perspective on the confusion of whats going on and how he's learning. I loved watching Laura and Ethan's relationship develop past those rocky times. I found Ethan's perspective on his case  interesting and getting that side action into his life making his character more realistic. I loved the details in this story it was easy to come up with a vivid image of what is going on as if its a movie in my head. I thought that the story line was interesting and this book was quite unique and interesting and I loved every moment of reading this story.

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