Friday, February 6, 2015

Review : A Date with her Valentine Doc

A Date with her Valentine Doc by Melanie Milburne

Genre: Medical Romance, Harlequin, Valentine
Goodreads : Click
Expected publication: February 6th 2015 by Mills & Boon 

Dr Matt Bishop might inspire some seriously X-rated thoughts, but as he’s my new boss he’s 100% off-limits! And he definitely can’t find out about my being jilted at the altar. I must remain calm, aloof and professional, despite these sparks flying around! But Valentine’s Day is nearly here – what’s the harm in just one kiss... ?
Bertie has been jilted at the alter and is back from her "honeymoon" when she meets the hott new Doctor Matt. She's already gone through enough embarrassment that she refuses to tell everyone at the job what happens so allows her coworkers to believe she is married. The longer she keeps on to the lie the harder things get when she and Matt can't help but to at time give into the attraction.

I enjoyed this book. Bertie seemed over the top at times I jut wanted her to rip the band aid off and tell her coworkers because when you hold on to a lie things end up bigger then what they seem. I was every curious to what Matt would think and how things would turn out. I enjoyed seeing the attraction between the two and the story line was pretty good. Overall I enjoyed this book.

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