Monday, January 5, 2015

Review : Me Tarzan You Jane

Me Tarzan You Jane

Adult Contemporary
Released December 2014
Pages : 270
Published:  December 6th, 2014
Moving on doesn’t always have to mean goodbye.

Widowed makeup artist Jane Sullivan is more comfortable keeping her husband’s memory alive than dating a pool full of sharks. Ella, her 4 year-old daughter, is her whole world.

When Jane meets Lucas Oliver, famous cover model, it’s hate at first sight. His playboy persona rubs her the wrong way.

Accustomed to every woman fawning over him, Lucas is drawn to the shy, uncompromising single mom and completely melts at the sight of Ella. He is determined to convince Jane that sometimes a second chance can mend a broken heart. —-
Jane is a widow trying to keep her husbands memory alive by sticking to her belief that a man and a women only have one love in their life. She had it and so that its for her, that was until Lucas came around. Lucas is every thing she wouldn't want a arrogant model who has it all and gets things handed to him. She thought that a book event was the first and last time she'll see him until a women she works for is also knows Lucas. Now shes working in Paris for a short while with Lucas living in the same house. Now shes determine more then ever to keep the boundary and fight the attraction between her and Lucas. 

So I really enjoyed this book. I loved that Jane had beliefs and stuck to them for the most part, but also learned to change that just because her husband is gone but it doesnt mean that she should stop living. She doesnt' have to forget him but can live beyond it and find her own happiness. I loved watching the banter and attraction between the two. I loved that Lucas understood what she was going through and kept that distance. I loved the relationship between her daughter and Lucas it was sweet. The story was really enjoyable for me and I recommend you lovely readers to check it out.

 4 of 5 Stars

I’m a dreamer
I’m a sinner
I love my books
I conjure hooks
And heroes with good looks
Romance is my guilty pleasure
Taking me to places with new decor
Come join me if you dare
I promise not to bore
If you like to read my stories
Pray my husband continues snorin’
For he’s the one who keeps me up at night
When I give my heroes wings and flight.

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  1. HI Jessica,

    Thanks so, so much for hosting the tour on your site and for the lovely review. Happy to report that Jane, Lucas and Ella are saying hi ;)
    Sun and smiles from Arizona!


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