Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review : The Mansfield Rescue

The Mansfield Rescue by Beth Cornelison

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Pages: 288
Published December 2nd 2014 by Harlequin
Genre : Romantic Suspence

A single father discovers the price of revenge and the power of love

After his wife's murder, Grant Mansfield vowed to stay true to her memory and to protect their children. But fate has other plans. His temporary house guest, injured smoke jumper Amy Robinson, has him burning with a white-hot attraction, and the single dad's nightmare comes true when his older daughter is kidnapped.

Grant is just the man the adventurous Amy never knew she needed, his children the family she never knew she wanted. Before she can rescue his lonely heart, the handsome widower must become a hero. Only Grant can rescue his little girl. But time is running out

Amy injured from her Smoke Jumping job goes back home only to find out that her abusive step father is there. Fleeing from the house she comes to find out that her car isn't as reliable as she hoped breaking down by the side of the road. Thankfully Grant Mansfield was there to help her and offer her a place to stay while he helps repair his house. Grant is a widow who is still dealing with the grief of his wife passing, taking care of his children on his own and having his nanny quit. Amy offers much needed help and things between them seem to heat up.

So apparently I managed to find myself reading the third book without checking out the previous ones. the way each character mention took thier place I can see that there is a back story to a couple of the characters in this book that are in the other books. I'll be sure to check out those later. But did not feel like it impacted much on the story, its a stand alone for those who are willing to check out this book before getting to the previous ones.

There was so many things I loved about this book. I loved the characters for one getting to know their unique background and seeing how they worked together and find love. I loved that there was more then one point of view of the main characters as well as the child. I loved the storyline and the suspence of wondering who took the child and how things would play out. I loved how the author described everything in great detail that I was able to picture this story as if it was a movie playing in my mind. I also liked that even though there was romance in the book it was clean. Overall I really enjoy this book and recommend you lovely readers to check it out.

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