Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review : The Texan's Christmas

The Texan's Christmas by Tanya Michaels

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin, Holiday
Pages: 224
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Published November 4th 2014 by Harlequin
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The last thing rodeo cowboy Daniel Baron needs is a commitment. After a lifetime of feeling like an outsider among his larger-than-life stepfamily at Roughneck Ranch, Daniel is ready to leave the ring—and Texas—behind forever. Except he can't stop thinking about the woman he just met—beautiful, bighearted…and pregnant. 

Of course Nicole Bennett is attracted to strong, sweet Daniel—he's pretty much perfect. But he made it clear that he doesn't want a family, the one thing Nicole's dreamed of her whole life. Now, just as that dream is coming true, Nicole could lose the only man she wants to share it with…unless Daniel can find the courage to open his heart

Two words to decribe this book was sweet and enjoyable. I loved that there was so much going on in this book. I loved the characters I loved that Nicole was a independant women who goes after what she want. I loved the chemistry between Daniel and Nicole. When it comes to this series it seems like I've been randomly picking and choosing books from this series. When I come across a book I go after it and apparently I've read four other books to this Texans Rodeo Baron's series. Overall this book and the series are great and I highly recommend you lovely readers to check it out.

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