Monday, October 6, 2014

Cherie Colye Guest Post for Zombie Takeover Halloween Tour

Casting call: EMBRACE 

There is so much to the magical world around Madison Riley that the Embrace series would make a great TV series or an engaging movie with twists to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. In the spirit of Halloween, I got my hands on Isaac Addington’s grimoire to conjure up a Dream Cast.

Madison Riley – played by Emma Watson

I’m going big with my main character, Madison Riley, a spunky girl who is always there for her friends and family. Emma Watson would be perfect for the part. It’s her easygoing personality and overall sweet appearance that makes her a good fit. And the devil horns are perfect for her new role as Beck and Call Witch to a crossroad demon. Learn more about that in Hold Tight, book two in the series.

Isaac Addington – played by Xavier Samuel

Isaac Addington, the mysterious new guy with a secret, was harder to cast. In the end I chose Xavier Samuel. Don’t let his sweet looks fool you, the added power Isaac gained from his grandfather makes him one witch you don’t want to mess with.

Kaylee Bishop – played by Selena Gomez

I can totally see Selena Gomez as Kaylee Bishop, Madison’s trusted best friend. She has the same big brown eyes and warm smile that Kaylee has. Since Madison is playing the part of the devil for Halloween this year, I think Kaylee should be an angel.

Josh Corey – played by Taylor Kitsch

I can’t forget Madison’s good friend and Kaylee’s boyfriend, Josh Corey. Taylor Kitsch’s dark features and don’t mess with me look remind me of Josh. Dangerous and sweet wrapped up in one delicious package, don’t you think?

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