Friday, June 13, 2014

Review : A Tale of Two Pretties

A Tale of Two Pretties (Hopeless in Hotlanta)

Genre: Chick Lit, Contmporary, New Adult
Pages: 275
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MacAllister "Mac" Barlow thought she was living the life she always dreamed of. When she catches her fiancĂ© in the act with his secretary, she high tails it out of their apartment without looking back. Looking for a new life, she drowns her sorrows in a pitcher of beer at Tony's Pizzeria. 
Darcy Pepper isn't one for long-term relationships. Bouncing from guy-to-guy to get what she wants isn't satisfying her anymore. Walking out on her current boy-toy, she finds herself at a tiny hole-in-the-wall pub. More disappointed in herself than she's ever been, she sees Mac, a girl she vaguely remembers from high school. 
Left flat broke, the girls quickly enlist the help of a waiter at Tony's and before they know it, they've got an apartment, jobs, and possibly even love interests beckoning. 
Maybe things aren't so hopeless after all. 

*This is a new adult romantic comedy and is recommended for readers ages 17+* 

This book is the first in a five book series.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting seeing these two girls form a friendship even if they were so different from each other. They are spunky, moody, and funny. I liked how real they felt...does that even make sense? What I mean is that they feel like characters they the readers can relate to. I thought the characters well developed and this book was very fun to read. If you are looking for a laid back book that's easy to read this would be the book for you. I'll be sure to follow what happens next for these girls. 4.5 of 5 s

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