Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review : Last Call

Last Call by Michele G. Miller

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, College, Coming of Age, Chick Lit
Age Group : New Adult
Kindle Edition, 283 pages
Published December 21st 2013 by Enchanted Ink Press
Goodreads : Click

“You are cordially invited…”

Four words that spark the fear of God into any gently bred, single southern woman.

When Savannah Guthry receives an invitation to her cousin’s wedding back home in Charleston, South Carolina, her first thoughts aren’t of flowers and dresses. Instead, she's reminded of the groom: her first love and the reason she ended up at a college 500 miles away from home.

Determined to show up and dazzle not only her ex but her spoiled cousin too, Savannah allows her friends to set her up on a series of dates looking for Mr. Right. Wrapped up in her memories of the past and the drama of the present, Savannah doesn’t recognize a pattern in the seemingly random events that occur around her. There is a dangerous threat looming in the shadows, and if she's not careful, she might lose more than Mr. Right.

**This book is a New Adult Romantic Suspense. It is intended for mature (18+) audiences due to sexual situations and mild language**

My Thoughts:

Savannah has received a invitation to her cousins wedding and she is less then thrilled. Her cousin is about to marry her ex boyfriend. So now she got to think about who shes going to bring to the wedding as her guest, sometime before the wedding she is put through a series of dates at her favorite bar. But the only person she seems to has her eyes on is that hott bartender that she cant get her mind off of.

This book was fantastic, I just couldn't put it down. This story was very interesting and unique. I this book was well written. I loved the characters and loved the connection between Savannah and Gage. There was so much going on and there was never a dull moment.This book was fun to read, and steamy. I loved that there was a twist towards the ending that I wasn't expecting. This was an overall great book and I look forward to seeing the next book with Gage's POV.

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